Blanka – Fearless – Room Trax

Describing music can sometimes seem like the impossible dream. But this hazy invocation of past influence melded to a robust contemporary attitude sounds particularly stunning. Fearless sequences the sort of heavy-duty drums most can only dream of while, perhaps an overly familiar, voice punctuates the rhythms with deep bass and the rest igniting the field of stereo. Never dull, always exciting. Enzo Leep’s excellent remix plays testament to the creative mind as beats are broken adding a cool, funky essence while atmospheric pads lend it all a distinctive air. Continuum, then exercises history further with fresh percussion plus melodic stabs tastefully exciting mood and release, leaving Tripmastaz to inject an otherworldly vibe into the rolling assortment of drums and bass on this second first-rate remix.

Release: January 10


Tripmastaz – Tripmastaz 05 – PLANT 74

Number five in the series of vinyl only releases sees Tripmastaz deliver three equally invigorating, damaging cuts straight to your stereo. The brutal Gruv101 begins with resolutely quick-fire drums beating out robust rhythms while the accompanying, deeply resonating bassline soothes its way into submission. The excellent, Nauchniy Stil’ follows feeling warmer with more atmospheric ambiences chiming alongside shuffling percussion and eventual, mood enhancing keys. And is a collaboration between the artist alongside Mr. Pepper and BMB Spacekid. Finally and perhaps most curiously are the engaging, soul-satisfying sounds of G.1 whose broken beats underpin jazzy, piano notation, meandering voices and sound effects all primed to enhance the ride.

P.S check the statement of intent on the label! It means something in this day and age.


Reviews: 145

Single of the Week

Terence :Terry: presents
Acid Heroes
La Vie En Rose

tAs a precursor to the forthcoming ‘House Couture’ compilation Terence :Terry: presents three dedications to the sound of Acid House which has so obviously generated a seismic impact on the DJ/ producer. The title track begings the journey by combining taught bass along with punchy machine drums and a voice recalling the 80’s heyday of House. Next, Cliché gets tougher with rolling basslines, insistent hi-hats and hypnotic vocals loops, leaving the gritty undulating funk of Testing The Water to complete this excellent release from the artists own La Vie En Rose.

Ain’t Made 4 U

Pushing forward with their second release this fresh Barcelona imprint employs Tripmastaz trademark sounds for the follow-up. Typically unrelenting the title track soon captures your mind and body care off thumping beats and filtered excess that rapidly taps into your soul. Coupled with the occasional vocal this is both heavy and soulful enough to satisfy most, if not all. Remixes come from Christian Burkhardt & Andre Buljat who tweak the elements into a techier slant, and from HITCH who adds darker atmosphere’s to the arrangement. Second original, Live From The Basement unleashes more powerful beats and perky bass, while this time keeping you waiting across a tension busting seven (plus) minutes.

Release: March 16

Popescu & Santai
Bikini Tracks

If hot beats and smoky rhythms inform your pleasure then this latest from Russian DJ and producer duo, Andrey Popescu & Alexander Santai is most definitely for you. Sparse notes and chords feel emotionally charged on their version leaving the relaxed voice-over plenty of space to breath. Italo Brutalo then supplies an excellent reworking with warmer instrumentation neatly complimenting the original. However, it’s the DJ Linus remix of Charlie that scores big-time by laying down the sort of irresistible grooves that qualify to shake you down along with the killer bass. That, plus an array of FX, sometimes voices and the occasional background atmosphere all combine to give this a deeply satisfying edge.

Release: March 15



H-Foundation feat. C1
Kontrol Room
Magnetic Recordings

H-Foundation aka Hipp-E & Halo mark their return to production after a few years absence with this release for DJ Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings. The original see’s their trademark combination of hot drums and bass feel every bit as energising with pounding beats offset by a creative array of effects to engage your imagination amid C1’s commanding voice. Remixes come via Sneak’s relentless HG Dub, Tripmastaz excellent and spacey Takes Kontrol Mix, and finally Joeski’s extra-excellent percussion heavy version that seems like one extra long break-beat but is actually the most musical too.

release: January 27

Giorgio Moroder vs I-Robots
Me Giorgio (The I-Robots Reconstructions)
Deeplay Digital

DD 005 Giorgio Moroder vs I-Robots - Utopia Me Giorgio (The I-Robots Reconstructions)Never mind Daft Punk listen to this. Originally appearing on the From Here To Eternity album all the way back in 1977 this proto just-about-everything-relevant electronic Dance number still sounds glorious in 2014 as a Opilec Music boss, I-Robots reconstruction. Remaining deceptively faithful, while expanded from the original’s just a shade over three minutes long, this shimmering Disco production feels every bit as innovative on any of three versions available here.

release: February 28


Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (1977 music video)

Various Artists
World Cinema In The 60s: Volume One
Cherry Red Records

The title alone should be enough to whet your appetite for this experience. But when you add the list of names whose films are sound tracked by this selection then this proves to be a must have for those that like it cinematic and jazzy, or intense and atmospheric. Francois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Orson Wells and Stanley Kubrick are amongst the more familiar credits while including scores from Jules et Jim and Dr. Strangelove. At times haunting, at others uplifting this swirling collection of orchestra drama and hot Jazz is perfectly suited to entertain dark corners and low winter sun. Listen below for a taste of the emotive instrumentation and vocals that lie in store….


CHARO and the Salsoul Orchestra
Cuchi-Cuchi: Expanded Edition
Big Break Records/ Salsoul Records

Maria del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza, better known by her stage name CHARO, is a Spanish-American actress, singer, comedienne and flamenco guitarist (voted Best Flamenco Guitarist twice in Guitar Player Magazine). Turning up on Salsoul in 1977 this album contains a frankly jaw-dropping version of The Stones ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’ but also lush Disco number ‘Dance A Little Bit Closer’ in its full glorious 12” version. It’s quite surprising/ startling to hear all that classic Salsoul instrumentation under Vincent Montana Jr’s guidance backing up such novelties as Cookie Jar but there you go, although there’s not a bad version of ‘You’re Just The Right Size’ for good measure.


The 12” version ‘Dance A Little Bit Closer’

‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’



House Syndrome EP
Be As One

Four new tracks go to make up this debut EP for the label from Andrew and gotta say it’s good. Opening with House Syndrome and a stripped down, hypnotic bassline the rhythm builds expectantly in layers with tribal toms and shuffling 909 claps driving forward until the breakdown, when an unexpected change of bass notes and moody electronics suddenly open up the world to possibilities – the detuned voice works a treat too. Constant Learning then develops the theme with further tribal escapades and trippy sounds for more inescapable satisfaction. Quiet Hit Men feels as sinister as the suggestion with taut percussion and acid lines transporting you somewhere out there…On your return the Dub of Pende treats you to further squelchy bass and quite frankly excellent percussion. What I love about this EP is that you’re never quite sure what’s going to occur next in the thought process. 9



‘I Need A Man’

Don’t be tempted to think this is some fluffy stab at X Factor (fuck I’ve said those words!) as Wannabeastar is nothing short of sleaze personified. Beefed up by punchy dancehall beats and hot electro bass a voice states a list of need/wants in most forthright terms – you got to admire the confidence. I guess this will either appeal to you or it won’t, simple. Klever twists the experience even further with nasty electronics and a bizarre sense of almost melody while NT89 push the energy levels completely overboard. Petsoop ease the tempo downwards into an irresistibly funky slo-mo styled reworking, leaving The Eleven to finish you off with grandiose synths and heady drama. 8

 release: 9 Oct 2011


Danny Torrence & King Richard
‘Higher State’
Mile End Records

Montreal producers Danny Torrence and King Richard have wisely enlisted Spain’s D-Formation to remix this potential House gem. Tension is the keyword here and is fiercely built upon with fiery percussion and FX laden treatments galore, this positively sparkles with albeit subdued chords and a killer arrangement that primes everything perfectly for the dancefloor. Not that you should in any way underestimate the original mix of this either as its throbbing progressive riffs and succinct beats undoubtedly work together impressively, while King Richard’s Re-rub reworks those same elements with added urgency. 9



Gecko Chamber
‘Boya Badana’
Low Brow

Gecko Chamber are Coskun Akmeric and Cem Serter. This is the debut single from their forthcoming album. I don’t know if you would label this as Techno or not but I can tell you this emotive piece of electronic music conjures up all sorts of atmospheres with its evocative combination of unsettling percussion and dark, expansive sounds. Only the one version so far but then this instrumental speaks volumes already. 7

release: 3 Oct 2011