Jay Duncan ft. Ben Vince – In Limbo – Phantasy Sound

I also love music that speaks its own mind. Not caring too much about the sensitivities of trends or the front cover of shiny magazines. This ticks a hundred boxes for me with its collaboration between DJ/ Producer Jay Duncan and saxophonist Ben Vince charting uneasy, unnerving territory via a defiant whir of electrifying, electrical impulse. Add to that a sense of danger as drums ebb and flow, sounds collide and rhythms fire-up pulsing supremely. All of which feels free-form to the point of creating the ultimate, expressive potential on the title track, In Limbo. Hats off to Phantasy Sound for releasing forward-thinking music of such calibre too.

And then we come to Ricardo Villalobos who feels particularity apt to interrupt the abstract nature of it all. Charting some fourteen minutes of analogue infused character there is an almost Classical sense of direction in the way the music has been constructed, more about the architecture of change and movement than safety in numbers as sections of sounds introduce themselves and then dissipate, reappearing at will. Deeply sensual just like it is resolutely soulful, much as anything else deserving of that point of reference the music seeks to satisfy more than mere historical impulse to remain important, energised and evangelical.

Second track, Anti-Purgatorio has a fizzy, dazzling array of beats and machine fuelled percussion to also satisfy the need this time flexing more muscular grooves, though no less innovative and impactful. Let’s hope there is an album to follow…(PS. sterling Artwork by Patrick Savile).

Release: July 16
Buy https://lnk.to/JayDuncanPH106


James Welsh – Sitting – Phantasy Sound

This is brilliant. Like all great pieces of music it captures your attention immediately, drawing you seductively into its own defined way of thinking. It’s like a dark, religious experience all rolled into one sermon as its downtown combination of fuzzy low-end and brutal, dazzling architectures of sound feds your imagination with the luxury of possibility. Sitting, is centred on words plus an arrays of tantalising synthesizers which colour perspectives of light, and even some shade, climaxing in a rush of sparkling arpeggios. Rubber Dog then examines the technological aspects of electricity in ways that don’t leave too much to the imagination.

Release: December 13



C.Y.M. – C.Y.M – Phantasy Sound

aka Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio and Fort Romeau C.Y.M appear on Phantasy Sound like they were born to be. Twisted loops of fizzy electronic sound gather pace alongside stabbing bass guitar and a bunch of punky attitude, amid the crash and burn of grainy synthesizers on the psychedelically charged Capra. Followed by the cinema flavoured shuffle of Far Gone, which likewise features a breathy treatment of heady voices, the record is then completed by the breezier tones of Super-Cannes, heightening a sense of memory and location in delightful equal measure. A great release of sound and energy sounding a lot like joy.

Release: November 15

Pre-order the EP: https://lnk.to/c-y-m-ph93



Ghost Culture – Blue Ice / Meltwater – Phantasy Sound

Beautiful music appears in all shapes and sizes and these new productions from Ghost Culture fits the bill perfectly. Blue Ice, begins with drum pulses punctuating a swirling wash of synthesized keys while feeling resolutely atmospheric, warm and emotive even despite the title. As the bass warms it all up the arrangement takes on a different completion with additional percussion adding extra juice to the rhythm things rapidly make perfect sense. Meltwater, provides the contrast via the nervous edge lent to the shuffling drums beats, as the keys imply a more expansive scope. In fact it all bounces across the horizon wonderfully as the bass again creates mayhem in blazing stereo, producing the sort of soulfully resonate music that ticks all boxes in rapid succession.

Release: September 6



Joshua James – Coarse – Phantasy Sound

Love this brilliantly, exciting trip to Acid heaven that never feels like it’s looking too far back. But then all of those the big, splashing hi-hats and furious 303 lines are simply too explosive to ignore. Things get even more twisted towards the end as synthesizers get even more electrifying, and all of this contained within five and a half minutes of ecstasy fuelled pleasure. New York-based DJ/ producer Justin Cudmore then attacks the sensibilities with renewed vigour, plus a more brutal tempo agitating the punchy keys and delays.

Release: February 22