Harrison BDP – Time is of the essence EP – Music is Love Records

There’s something irresistibly funky going on within Harrison’s taught, informed grooves that fuse punchy kicks together with swinging snares while being tastefully offset by dark, expansive bass and pads. The introspective sounding, I Still Meet You In My Dreams From Time To Time is far from self-indulgence connecting moods and emotions with the listener in a spirited yet hard-hitting manner. The remix comes from Liam Geddes who adds his distinctive flavour to the affair by colouring the rhythms with a more intense sheen that leans heavily on the bass drum underpinned by fast and furious percussion. I like it when you don’t expect what you hear next and the melodic Disco vibrations of My Summer Lover do just that. Though have to say it’s the final track, Time which ends on a high via its suggestive, undulating synths plus rolling rhythms which almost tips the balance in its favour. A fine release.



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MIL013-AOli Furness
Weather Underground
Music Is Love Records

For their thirteenth release it’s the turn of Music Is Love Records label head Oli Furness and to say that this doesn’t pull any punches is pretty much a serious understatement. ‘Crash Gorgon’ is up first with a series of up-tempo brutal, pulverising kick drums that require your undivided attention but are then creatively contrasted by sweeter chords and soulful vocals. This is a first rate arrangement of tribal beats, crashes, lifts and drops that certainly keeps the excitement levels peaked at all times. The Bodyjack Remix then injects funky breaks and 90’s styled gritty synth lines into their excellent reworking which proves to be just as addictive. ‘Big Booty Girls’ continues with unrelenting, dirty House/ Techno grooves, while ‘.64′ changes tack via solid Electro drums and a speedy cut-up of an eighties classic.

Release: November 9



Terrence Parker/ Melodymann/ No Shit Like Deep

Kicking off number five from the label is this killer production from Detroit’s Terrence Parker. Indeed, ‘Heart break’ just about sums up the reasons I got into House Music in the first place, and if like me it plays out in rich, life-affirming rhythms that make sense of it all then it doesn’t get that much better. Piano is the name of the game with insistent hi-hats and beats driving it all forward like nothing much else matters. Next up is label boss Melodymann who delivers two equally hot slices of music.  First is the steamy, ‘Lowfunk’ which takes it down deep via smooth chords, cutting Stabs alongside suitably smoky vocals offset by fiery snares, then ‘What Are You Gonna Do’ picks up the pace with punchy bass and a classic voice. To end is the sassy, easy tempo grooves of ‘Ambassador of Love’ by No Shit Like Deep who sequence Disco inflected tastiness together with infectious low-slung beats.