Freddy Bastone Q&A

freddy 2Where did it all begin for you, how did you first get into music in general and then Dance music?

It all began , when it all began for me really. My father was a jazz musician (drummer + resteranture (patsy’s Bx.) and my mother brought me to my 1st concerts when I was 8yrs.old. I always felt that all the music I listened to as a young teenager (Queen, Bowie, zip eat..) was dance music to me. But if u r asking when I 1st started Dj’ing, that would be my freshman yr. in high school. When I put my Flying V down for my first 2 Turntables.

What are your favourite memories of your residency at Danceteria?

Wow, there r so many flashes that go through my mind. Ok, my first night was actually Dianne Brills’ bday (which happened to be my bday), any weekend on the 2nd floor, there was truly a magic about that floor. 3rd doing the residency at the Danceteria in South Hampton was honor as John and Rudolf literally brought downtown to Sag Harbor.

Can you tell us about who you got introduced to mixing records together?

A school mate (Marcus Quinones) turned me on to turntables on Jackson Ave. in the BX. We both got schooled by listening to Jim Burgess, Ted Currier and going to The Townhouse, Infinities and the Garage.

You were also head of A&R at Emergency Records in the eighties? Which records were you particularity proud of signing to the label?

Yes, I worked under Sergio Cossa + Curtis Urbina. Tracks I was particularly proud of were usually tracks I also mixed (Blaze, Raww, Taffy, Carolyn Harding)

You next held a residency for 6 years at the Palladium for Steve Rubell. What he like to work for? And can you tell us about the music you played at the club?

Being that I had the longest residency at The Palladium, I would say I had a very good relationship. Also Rudolf and David Miskit had a lot to to do with that. Steve trusted in me to play to any crowd he threw at me. He only had one request every night I played and it was always about 3 am in the morn when he would ask to hear Diana Ross. Any Diana.

Your Corporation Of One ‘The Real Life’ was a massive club hit in the UK. What are your memories of producing it?

My memories of that r very vivid as I blocked out studio time at unique (midnight to 8am), cheaper and my engineer/ programmer never showed and I had to take a swing at it. I believe that’s y its such a DJ treasure. It’s funny all the tracks that put me in that situation always turned out to be very DJ friendly.

Tell us about No Filtr LTD?

Nofiltr is a bel/film/doc comp. We r releasing new singles in this coming month. The key to the music is we want people to think as well as dance. We won’t be dropping tracks that r poppin bottles or having a party. We r currently working on a doc “no filtr’s find a groove”. Its a series.

What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for 2018?

Just finished Bowie rxmx tribute EP, no filtr just released All Knight Kemist, a plethora of tracks coming out in spring. The Doc should keep me very bizzy. Also there’s always acting gigs (fingers crossed).