PLAY007_NEWDino Lenny & Doorly
The Magic Room
Play It Say It

Having already appeared a couple of years back via Fine Human Records this excellent production now receives fresh impetus and revisiting care off Seth Troxler’s timely imprint. Kicking matters of is the Dino Lenny & Seth Troxler Re-edit which tweaks and re-energises the arrangement to highlight that addictive bassline, cool piano lines and of course the spoken word which delivers a fitting narrative to engage with. New to the party are Luke Solomon’s Live Forever Remix compounding an inevitable hit of Disco juice to the affair by adding different bass and drums along with a more twisted array of keyboards. Plus, the aptly titled Doorly Re-Chunk Mix which does precisely that attacking the speakers with more punch and grind, although allowing space for the subtle elements contained within the piano and vocals.

Release: November 24