Dave Seaman – Thonk! – Selador

Thonk! Sounds like completely the right title for this latest production from Dave Seaman. It sequences a wealth of creative flair with moments of poetic genius while always keep you guessing. Clocking up to seven minutes the experience sees you trip through a breathless reach of sounds that feel cosmopolitan in nature and yet worldly-wise and ultimately, perfect for the dancefloor. The excellent Whitesquare remix follows with guitar punctuated rhythms feeling even bigger than before, again signifying music of quality and distinction.

Release: June 21



Whitesquare – The Masquerade EP – Gruuv

Whitesquare lands firmly on Gruuv with this first-rate, sizzling infusion of chiming Mirimba’s offset by warm pads, funky percussion and a playful sense of musicality that resonates perfectly for the introduction of 2018. The excellent, Solivagant is all that and more. Who else but Pezzner could reinvent the production retaining the original essence yet transforming the spark of life into something deeper. Achieving startling results with the melodic pulses intact you are then treated to a fresh bassline backed up by cool keys plus the white heat of splashing hats. Makgeolli, takes its turn exciting fuzzy synths and pounding drums, as Tzom returns to African influences scored across a ripple of beautiful electronics, resulting in picture perfect music.

Release: February 2



Whitesquare – Aoyama Dawn EP – 20/20 Vision

Whitesquare’s unforgiving yet thoroughly pleasurable The Block opens out this new EP to all sorts of exciting possibilities. Fuelled by an in your face Detroit stab which informs the drum machines upon which it relies this startling production renders subtlety redundant. But then this so richly deserves to be played LOUD that you could be forgiven for doing so and on repeat. The appropriately named, Sound follows suit this time with an unnerving sequence of events that builds tension into an art form via rumbling low-end theory offset by unfussy percussion. Excellently remixed by Ralph Lawson & Rui-Z who proceed to strip it all down and then rework the pulsating rhythms applying fizzy electronics and a delicious heightened edge to the number.

Release: March 20