Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Colorful Orbs EP – HOLIC TRAX

This bears the name of Charles Webster so I want to hear it. And while the release comprises three notable originals it’s the two Webster remixes that really do it for me. It’s partly because you don’t quite know what to expect as the shuffling percussion and chiming melodies playfully gather pace, but mainly it is the sheer depth of soulful emotion as waves of unfolding bliss reveal themselves on the rather sublime title track.

Pre-sale holic-trax.bandcamp.com/album/colorfu…r-remix-ht027

Release: September 7


Mr. G – Jumon EP (5iVE YEARS HOLIC TRAX Edition 1) – Holic Trax

Helping celebrate the occasion and obviously no stranger to the label five years come around fast these days. Tomoki Tamura’s imprint enlists the unmistakable skills of Mr. G who supplies two equally juicy gems for this release. The sizzling, bass probing Soba Shioyaki commands like night leaves day with insistent drums, voices and whirring keys all producing trademark intensity. Komorebi, follows next with sub pummelling low-end connecting furiously to pounding beats and grainy organ hits, leaving room for the unnerving whir of darker flavoured synths that hit perfection at breakdown.

Release: July 3

Pre-order: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/mr-g-jumon-ep-holic-trax-5th/646147-01/


Tomoki Tamura Q&A (HOLIC TRAX)

Can you tell us about how you first got into Dance music and your memories of the scene in Japan at that time?

holicI  grow up with Underground US House in Osaka, that time there was strong culture of this kind of house music there. At that time I was working & Dj’ing at small underground club which was called “Club Flatt”, I met a lot of great & beautiful people there. I was very lucky to see & share the decks with a lot of great names such us Larry Heard, Ron Trent, Jovonn, Theo Parish, Moodyman, Francois K, Joe Claussell there. That time was one of the most important time for my DJ Career.

How would you compare arriving in London in 2004 to what clubbing is like now in 2014?

When I arrived in London, there were more clubs and no many warehouse parties then. Now people like to go to secret venue or private party ,it is also great vibe but I hope more great new clubs are coming up and more nice people come to clubs too!

You launched Holic Trax in 2012 with Mr.G’s ‘Danceholic’s EP’. How would you describe the development of the label musically, alongside its ethos, since then?

I sometime try to not think too much about music style of holic trax. Some of my mate has told me that direction of record label should be more organic, you go where you feel, I think it is great answer.  We do not need to follow the hype, maybe one day the hype will catch what we doing LOL.


The label’s latest release is from Sierra Sam ‘Sage EP’ containing a remix by you. Can you talk us through the process of how you produced the remix?

Sierra Sam’s studio is 1 min from my house so super easy to pop there and he has a lot of great hard gears. We played & enjoyed with these machine together and I brought back this project to my studio to edit & some more work. Just it, pretty simple process. He is lovely guy so I am comfortable when I am at his studio, I think it is one of the most important thing for collaboration.


What do you look for when you sign a track to the label? Does it matter whether the artist has a profile or not?

No matter if they have a profile or not. Nice groove on beats, dope bass line & emotional melody on the top, just it! Be simple.
One thing I could say is I prefer unique sounds than perfect quality sounds.

hol2How would you describe living in Berlin?

I think Berlin is not big city like London or Tokyo but each people and culture is very unique & friendly.
I could say this city is very underground which means they have got own style and do not mind the fashion a lot.
You still see many of funny looking guys around my house lol

Can you tell us about your project with Tuccillo: Doublet, and any forthcoming plans?

We are very good friend and always having fun at studio, also both of us has good old House music behind our history, this is Doublet. We are exciting about our forthcoming plans for next year,so many bombs are ready to go. I am sure you will love these music, wait for 2015!


Where can people hear you play in the coming months?

I will come to play in London for NYE and also you can catch me in ITALY,BERLIN,JAPAN etc… See you then!

NYE https://www.facebook.com/events/716269235128198/?ref=ts&fref=ts











The Originals
Down To Love Town: Expanded Edition
Big Break Records/ Motown

originalsAlways a pleasure to hear Freddy Gorman’s impassioned vocal adorn the horn punctuated rhythms and strings highlighted by The Originals on this re-issue of their 1977 album. Positively fizzing with Disco energy while also containing irresistible melodies via the full version of the title track (co-produced by Frank Wilson) this is uplifting, soulful music that remains a personal favourite, never mind its seductive percussion fuelled instrumentation. The Originals were originally studio back-up singers who worked on tracks like: ‘For Once In My Life’ and ‘War’ to provide you with some context in the sixties. But this album certainly proves the group’s cool when required and equal state of ecstasy where needed by the next decade. Credit is also due to the production talents of Michael Sutton who lends the music a warm touch while providing the dancefloor with the contemporary punch that still works perfectly today. Two ballads on offer too, both of which have the heartfelt sincerity you’d expect from the band, while the album ends on the sassy funkiness of, ‘Been Decided’. As always with this series from BBR invaluable sleeve notes are present, in this case from Justin Cober-Lake.


Robert Dietz & Tuccillo
Kushtraxx EP
Holic Trax

HT11_02I like this. No messin’ it aims straight for the jugular right from the word go. Limited to a 5oo coloured vinyl release i.e. be quick the EP boasts three tracks plus two Shonky edits. It’s fast, heavy sounding House music that you just know is going to be epic played LOUD. Opening with Juice and its succession of punchy percussion, aided by pulverising bass and  twisted synth lines, this aims squarely at the dancefloor, and scores alongside the Shonky Edit (digital only). We Can’t Stop, comes next with a slightly less frantic trip into bass and moody sound effects, and again is accompanied by a spot-on edit from Shonky. Ishine Ushine, completes with further adventures in bass rattling, although time accompanied by funkier breaks, warmer chords and voices.

release: August 21



Esa & Mervin Granger
Anwaarding EP
More Music

esaGreat EP from Esa & Mervin Granger who inject a genuine inspiration from the Nu Groove school of thought into their well crafted music. Starting with Visum which cross wires Detroit and classic Chicago House together with 2014 to produce a refreshingly tense, yet emotionally charged sound. Complimented by an Africaine 808 remix that comes complete with cool, jazzy inflections and a tech shuffle. The stunning Anwar 491 is up next delving deeper into cinematic atmosphere’s and depth of feeling with taught Techno bass and an almost melancholy ambience, which is time remixed by Dief & Baker’s bubbling Acid referencing version to complete this first rate release.

release: August 25


Satin Jackets
Foreign Affair EP
Eskimo Recordings

satinLove this. But then it’s hard not to. Hinting at somewhere in-between Disco and Balearic but landing in ethereal, blissful territory this gorgeous production from Satin Jackets combines gentle melodies alongside a romantic punch on the suitably named Sunrise In Paradise. Next, Gelee Royale follows with a more mid-tempo swagger containing funky 80’s styled bass and chiming keys amid haunting synths, with the engaging breathiness of, Fall Apart (feat. Patrick Baker) ending not so much on a high but a delightful low.

release: August 18




Mr G
State Of Flux

Mr G’s second album for Rekids sees the renowned producer continue his trademark theme of smoking beats and funky attitude to supply yet another winning formula. What I love here is the way that the music embraces technology yet retains a distinctly soulful element – State Of Flux couldn’t be a more apt title. Take the first track G’s Riddem which perfectly sums it all up:  Thumping kick drums, heavy-duty bass, offset by treated timbale and emotive chords to produce a stunning, uplifting effect. The album then continues to fuse together a range of influences and styles, taking the best cues from House and Techno. From the brutal end of Pumped Up to the twisted Disco of Absurd Beatz No.4 this one journey that you won’t want to get off in a hurry.

release: July 23





Items & Things
Items & Things

The first label compilation for Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle’s Berlin-based label ‘Items & Things’ is fittingly called Variables. Variable in so far as the imprint champions cutting-edge electronic music that’s neither afraid to get deep and nasty, or even comparatively subtle such as on Miro Pajic’s infectious intro: Love Love Love. What follows next is a selection from the aforementioned and the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Tomas More and Andy Martin plus a few newer artists. There’s plenty in the way of hot syncopated Disco action to get into here too, all with Items & Things distinctive twist of course. Try Howard Watson’s, Keep Away and Nyma’s, Brain Crunch plus the beyond comprehension: In The Mirror for size. Satisfaction guaranteed.
release: July 13. Mixed CD version by Magda released July 29





Circus Company

Your Feelin’ undoubtedly references synth-pop with its fizzy keyboard lines and restrained European melodies, but also counter balances it all with subtle contemporary pads and punchy beats. And just to drive the point home an Acapella follows so you can judge the vocal for yourself, although this proves to be something quietly addictive the more you hear it. Title track, Kisses sounds more like what you would expect with deeper, moodier sounds playing off against intriguing vocals, and this time comes in vocal and instrumental versions.






House 19 EP
Holic Trax

The second release from Holic Trax sees Tuccillo deliver the title track House 19 in a blaze of House flavoured Techno that seeks to capture the spirit of 1988, and quite frankly succeeds – smiling faces all round. Eves Sky is next and gets deeper with provocative drums and deliciously moody bass, while teasing you with haunting voices and a killer arrangement. PercussHolic then invites into you into a creative play on instrumentation with its excellent combinations of beats and fiery percussion. These tracks appear on ltd 10” vinyl while the digital release features the added bonus of Dubao, whose addictive electronic rhythms become uplifting in the most pleasing way.

release: July 23

Soundcloud preview – http://soundcloud.com/holic-1/ht-002-tuccillo-house-19-ep




Bara Bröst 

Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer aka Bara Bröst deliver their second album for BBE and if you’re not already familiar with their unique sound then prepare yourself now. Quirky, lively and thoroughly excitable the music and words play with each other while seeking to let you in on the party. Having said that, this will either work for you or you may find it all not quite serious enough with titles such as Juicy Lady, My Mess and Tony Curtis (try the soundcloud link below). Despite the eager wordplay there are some fine \House and tech grooves which reveal themselves as on the instrumental Tiger Milk and as with everything else it all boils down to personal taste.







Franck Roger & Mandel Turner
Through The Motions
Real Tone Records

You may recognise the beats from the eighties but if they’re fresh to you then you can relive the excitement generated for new. Through The Motions goes through anything but that with smooth vocals feeling soulfully refreshing in the summertime, as layers of keys build up the tension on yet another rewarding release from the label. An excellent Dub version pays compliment by stripping back the voice to highlight the cool bassline and hot House groove.




Azari & III
Into the Night
Loose Lips

Next single to be lifted from their self titled album Into The Night is accompanied by a typically hot video along with a series of excellent remixes courtesy of Prince Language, CFCF, Nicolas Jaar, Renaissance Man and Seth Troxler, Masomenos & Jaw. All of which you could simply say speaks for itself. Like them or love them, you know this is good already from hearing the album.