DJ Pierre – Wild Pitch: The Story – Get Physical

If you haven’t already got excited about this release then you will be. Not least of all because The Story only runs to a limited edition of 300 vinyl copies i.e. be quick! But also because much of this music came to define so much of our nightlife, albeit in many of these cases with fresh interpretations updating for 2017, plus a handful of newer tracks. This list does read like a handful of classics from Master Blaster to Let The Music Take You Higher and came to define the flip-side to the more cliqued sounds and styles usually associated (and now copied) with the decade. Beginning with Pierre’s excellent interpretation of Blunted Dummies – House For All, there is a version of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love featuring Chic Loren’s vocal which you obviously also need to hear, and you may well spot a few surprise samples along the route of this selection. No time to waste.

Release: November 24



M.A.N.D.Y – Rhythm & Soul – Get Physical

I guess what strikes you most about this production is the realisation of technical ideas which come together so effortlessly on this fresh retake of Rhythm & Soul. The trippy, breathy spoken-word dialogue spins out a sense of Timothy Leary into the ether as pounding kick drums are offset by addictive, shuffling percussion amid layers of repeating ambience plus expanding synthesized sounds. Further remixes come from a more robust Tiger Stripes who add a crunchier more abrasive set of electronics to their tense version. And via Roland Leesker who breaks it all down into moodier, introspective possibilities that only add to the voice’s impact as sizzling Acid rhythms then infect the groove.

Release: September 22


AudioHell with Tania Vulcano & Jose De Divina – Acid – Get Physical

As featured on Ben Hoo’s forthcoming Ibiza Mix for the label and feeling hot very much in its own right is this smoky, temptingly deep production from the trio. The answer to the question is to be found somewhere inside the layers of moody atmospheres that combine intensely across dark, brooding drums plus occasional voices to nudge you in the right direction. Never short on anticipation, Acid doesn’t so much peak as ride the intensity for the duration.

Release: June 23


Get Physical presents Ibiza 2017 compiled & mixed by Ben Hoo – Get Physical

Conjuring up all the majesty that rightly underlies this selection of fizzy, brilliantly imagined music from Get Physical is the most appropriate DJ: Ben Hoo. If you’re not already admiring of his work as a producer/ remixer then Ibiza 2017 will amply tend to your needs, testifying that the future indeed points forwards, not back. Ben Hoo’s remix of System Of Survival feat. Vhelade – Kutting begins the sense of motion wonderfully as the deep impressions and atmospheres of rough electricity give way to life-affirming vocals of Clara Brea’s sublime – 707minor7 that soar into your consciousness. The music then journey’s through different landscapes of sound landing at Ben Hoo & Enzo Leep – Cosmos Excerpt, then getting frisky via the Acid shivers generated by Nima Gorji – Delusions. Completing the picture is his great Dub of current single: Reaching leaving the sense that things have come full circle, feeling satisfied in all senses.

Release: June 23


15 Years of Get Physical – Get Physical

It feels like the label has provided the accompanying soundtrack for some-time now, indeed one glance at the title reveals its been all of 15 years’ worth of quality, innovation plus all the contemporary attributes which have collectively made the imprint into what it is in 2017. The track list spans music from M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade’s delicious bassline infused Body Language through to the self-explanatory Love For Mrs Rhodes by Raz Ohare & The Odd Orchestra. In-between are productions from a Disco styled DJ T. care of Philly, smouldering 1980’s keys from Junior Boys on No Kinda Man, Hot Since 82’s pounding Like You, and the gorgeously deep Jazzuelle feat. Matthias Vogt – Narnia, amongst others. Signifying that the label imagined by DJ T., M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade is more than just a sign of the times probing at the architecture of sights and sounds with informed, exciting results which have conjured up some great music along the way.  Looking forward to the next instalment in 2032!

Release: June 9


Ben Hoo – Reaching – Get Physical

Plucked from his forthcoming compilation for Get Physical is this this excellent production from Ben Hoo. It’s all about mood enhancement and rigorous tearing at the edges drum machines, which are then augmented by gentle, atmospheric acoustics that combine into one beautiful forward-reaching experience. Complimented by a Dub version the release is remixed by Enzo Leep who adds more energy to the rhythms while retaining the essential essence of the track.

Release: May 5


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Single of the Week

SmokeBombsThe Scrumfrog
Send Wave
Knee Deep In Sound

Excellent new release on Hot Since 82’s label with the original version sounding inescapably big in all the right places. Fuelled by driving percussion and a grinding bassline that feels irresistibly funky, plus with the vocal line adding just the right slice of melody, this soon climaxes via a blaze of synthesiser colouring the arrangement. Remixes come from Mendo who pumps up the rhythm with fresh vocal samples and fiery snares hits, and from Get Physical’s Fabio Gianelli who injects Acid flavour into his first-rate version giving the vocals a new lease of life with an evolving sense of tension crafted from a sizzling blend of synths.

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Monk EP

You don’t have to love Jazz to dig this but of course you should already do so in the first place! I guess the title track refers to one of great pianists of last century, Thelonious Monk whose innovative genius has yet to be bettered in this millennium. The arrangement is a piecing collection of notes that fall into place as the music evolves with moody pads and edgy atmosphere’s accompanying the jazzy notation to produce a startlingly cool piece of music that also hints at the roots of House. An Evening At Urban Spree happens next with spoken words adding bite to the brutal, snazzy percussion alongside blazing Saxophone. The more organic On The Loose (Feat. Elbi) ends on a deeper tip with soulfully charged vocals feeling bittersweet over a piano adornment, rich in life and cinematic in scope.

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Nick Varon
Asymmetric Recordings

Two new tracks go to make up this latest release from Asymmetric with the Greek Dj’s Dazzling by name and nature certainly sounding epic. Love the strange concoction of off-the-wall sound effects that lend this a jagged edge while the straight-up drums and rumbling bass supply an inexcusably big punch to the production. Second original, Consistency then fuses gritty Acid synths together with crisp drums again producing music high on atmosphere that sounds even more impactful the louder it gets!

Release: May 11

life is good
Jalapeno records

Ahh, the sound of summer soul music. Just as the title says: life is good. Spend time and check this raspy, emotive vocal delivery which says something about the state of play that’s actually worth saying. The sassy guitar and drums backing sound all the better with the rousing horn section plus good old bv’s supporting too. Lots of mixes to choose from beside the classy original with special attention going to Technimatic’s blissful yet energetic D&B which is quite possibly even better.



Nacho Marco
You Got To Know EP

Valencia’s Nacho Marco delivers three equally cutting tracks for the Madhouse imprint. Starting with the EP’s title which combines fiery off-beat snares and deep bass, along with emotive pads plus synths that all go to tick the big time production box. Love the intensity here which is only fuelled by the held String line towards the end, that and the rousing vocals. Meanwhile, Time supplies more in the way of shuffling rhythms alongside snappy percussion and moody Organ. Leaving, Middays to end in style with sassy Rimshots and delicious 90’s styled keys recreating the perfect atmosphere to complete this great EP.

release: June 9

Electric Lucifer EP

Having recently reviewed their stunning Recollective compilation the duo now release three tracks of their own. And they couldn’t be more appropriate to reflect that album’s variation of sound with each number feeling equally different to the next. The led track, Electric Lucifer drives the vocal into distraction over smouldering beats and Organ accompanied by splashing rush of drums. Thank You Baby, sees Disco-esque inspired keys and sassy percussion feel infectious as the chorus works its way into into the arrangement. With the excellent Big Mo ending on an 80’s note with funky syncopated bass and spacey sound effects sounding very Euro-Discotheque and frankly irresistible.

release: June 9

Eiskaltes Haendchen
Regular Funk Crusher EP
Van Liebling Rec

The most pounding release this week certainly goes to Eiskaltes Haendchen whose excellent percussion fuelled Inflate is hard to beat. It’s a great combination of Latin drums and classic Chicago House that truly fire up the senses when combined with its hypnotic musical loop and pulsating Acid bass. Through, then proceeds to work Detroit electronics into the equation while still retaining the drums funky edge amid the smoky vocal edits.

Wankelmoods Vol.2
Get Physical

Volume Two sounds like the kind of nightclub you could enjoy yourself in. Opening with Ricoshei’s delicately poised ‘Perfect Like You’ and Ian Pooley’s haunting ‘Kids play’ sets the scene for the first ten minutes. Things then step up a gear traversing more progressive electronic sounds before hitting the deeper atmosphere’s of Wankelmut’s own excellent ‘Wood & Wine’. And it’s a that point that music gets seriously involving with contributions from the likes of Adriatique’s disturbingly brilliant ‘Midnight Walking’ and the Siopis remix of Climbers dark masterpiece ‘It’s All I Need’. Neatly ending on Wasted So Much Time feat. John LaMonica is Wankelmut’s new single and again showcases another variation to this compilation.


release: June 6