Brian Eno and Jah Wobble – Spinner – All Saints Records

I sometimes wonder if when Brian Eno breathes it creates the impulse of music. The territory he explores always seems relevant, occasionally familiar yet never less than evocative. This re-release of his 1995 album with Jah Wobble and the occasional drums of Can’s Jaki Liebezeit, amongst other contributors, chimes effectively with the ripple of today’s uncertainty. Originally the tracks were created by Eno to soundtrack Derek Jarman’s biographical movie Glitterbug but were never released separately, subsequently passed onto Wobble to add his own defining touches resulting in Spinner. You can hear the echo of all the artists involved which expands what has become more associated with a record bearing Brian Eno’s name to an intriguing blend of otherworldly funk, while sometimes sound-tracking ambience such as on the edgy serenity of Space Diary. The album leaves you at the appropriately titled final number, Lockdown by twisting a blaze of bass around a warped sense of jazz completing this exploration of genre expanding curiosity, which still stands out on its own in 2020

Release: August 21


listen to Space Diary


Dallas Acid – The Spiral Arm – All Saints Records

When music reaches that state of knowing, you intimately react. This new album by Dallas Acid digs into feelings in ways like no other as their infinite expansion of melancholy, yet blissful sound, on the opening title track testifies. Linda Beecroft’s vocals breathe the relaxed intensity of Nico over the swirling, cinema inspired atmospheres on this heavenly opus as moods and notation then expand across the listen. The unnerving night-time of Circuit Jungle contrasts this via movements of a stranger kind, while the whispered psychedelia of Zavana eases your mind off in other more contemplative directions. As time haunts and then elevates you while listening to the full scope of what’s in store here, The Spiral Arm touches upon the European underground, referencing traces of arthouse history, and a seemingly vast array of influence, which is then channelled feeling sublimely contemporary in uncertain times.

Release: November 1