9th House – Kelper – META / INKAL

All sorts of words collide to describe fractions of this hot and heavy production from 9th House. It’s reminiscent of a feverously ecstatic early 1990’s moment yet of course is resolutely 2021. However, to put it most simply Kelper is about thumping drums, incendiary synth lines and smouldering, sleazy vocals. In other words, what’s not to love.

Release: August 27
Buy https://fanlink.to/-kepler


9th House – Feel It In The Evening (feat. Baltra) – W&O Street Tracks

Excellent release from the W&O stable with Baltra’s soul-drenched vocal adding that extra special something to the distinctive and original sounds generated by 9th House. A quietly haunting and richly atmospheric production, yet impactful in every way as all the notation is thoughtfully placed with heightened emotional resonance in mind. Remixes come from VONDA7 who injects a tougher more resolute rhythm section, and from Nathan Melja whose chiming motifs add equally characteristic qualities to the repeating voices.

Release: September 28